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Bahan Ajar Mata Kuliah Biologi Umum

Asal Usul Kehidupan (69.65 KB)
Asal Usul Kehidupan Sebutkan dua teori tentang asal usul kehidupan! Berikan contoh-contoh pendapat yang mendukung paham generatio spontanea! Siapa sajakah tokoh-tokoh pencetus generatio spontanea? 4. Deskripsikan pendapat para penganut teori biogenesis tentang asal usul kehidupan! 5. Siapa sajakah tokoh-tokoh pencetus biogenesis? 6. Deskripsikan percobaan Francesco Redi dalam mendukung teori biogenesis! 7. Deskripsikan sumbangan Anton van Leeuwenhoek pada paham tentang asal usul kehidupan! 8. Paham asal usul kehidupan manakah yang dianut oleh John Needham? 9. Deskripsikan percobaan John Needham dalam mendukung teori asal usul kehidupan! 10. Deskripsikan percobaan Lazzaro Spallanzani? Paham asal usul kehidupan manakah yang didukung oleh Lazzaro Spallanzani? 11. Deskripsikan percobaan Louis Pasteur! Bagaimanakah percobaan ini dapat mendukung teori biogenesis?
DNA (17.13 MB)
1. Which of the following processes requires DNA replication? a. transcription c. mitosis b.translation d. protein synthesis 2. In which of the following processes does the DNA unzip? a. transcription and translation b. transcription and replication c. replication and translation d. all of these 3. Which DNA strand can base pair to the following DNA strand? a. T-A-C-G-A-T c. U-A-C-G-A-U b. A-T-G-C-T-A d. A-U-G-C-U-A 4. Which of the following mRNA codons would cause synthesis of a protein to termi nate? Refer to Table a. G-G-G c. U-A-G b. U-A-C d. A-A-G 5. A DNA sequence of A-C-C would create an mRNA codon for which amino acid? Refer to Table 11.2. a. tryptophan c. leucine b. serine d. phenylalanine 6. The genetic code for an oak tree is . a. more similar to an ash tree than to a squirrel b. more similar to a chipmunk than to a maple tree c. more similar to a mosquito than to an elm tree d. exactly the same as for an octopus 7. Which of the following base pairs would not be found in a cell? a. adenine-thymine c. thymine-uracil b. cytosine-guanine d. adenine-uracil 8. A protein is assembled amino acid-by-amino acid during the process of . a. replication c. transcription b. translation d. mutation 9. In the process of________, enzymes make an RNA copy of a DNA strand. 10. The RNA copy that carries information from DNA in the nucleus into the cytoplasm is_______RNA. 11. DNA is copied
Ekologi (69.69 KB)
Ekologi Poin penting yang harus didiskusikan Mengapa mempelajari ekologi penting? Apakah biosfer itu? Berikan contoh faktor-faktor abiotik pada lingkungan! Apa peran faktor abiotik di dalam lingkungan? 5. Apa yang dimaksud dengan populasi? 6. Apa yang dimaksud dengan tingkatan organisasi dalam ekologi? 7. Bagaimanakah tingkatan organisasi dalam ekologi 8. Apakah nisia itu? Berikan ilustrasi contoh supaya jelas? 9. Apakah yang dimaksud dengan simbiosis? 10. Apakah simbiosis mutualisme itu? Berikan contohnya! 11. Apakah simbiosis komensalisme itu? Berikan contohnya! 12. Apakah simbiosis parasitisme itu? Berikan contohnya! 13. Bagaimanakah energi mengalir di dalam ekosistem? 14. Apa yang dimaksud dengan rantai makanan? Berikan contohnya! 15 Apa yang dimaksud dengan jaring makanan? Berikan contohnya! 16. Apa yang dimaksud produktivitas? Berikan ilustrasinya!
Energy and ecosystems (45.95 MB)
Energy and ecosystems Populations and interactions In a wild population, many different factors may limit population growth at different times and in different ways. Imagine, for example, a population of thrushes hi the gardens of a small town figure 3). The thrushes feed on snails, slugs and other small invertebrates, so if there is a limited supply of these this may prevent the population from growing beyond a certain level. They need nesting sites, and if these are in limited supply this, too, may act as a limiting factor for their population size. They are predated by cats and birds such as kestrels and sparrow hawks; if the numbers of predators is high, this may keep the thrush umbers down. Parasites could also affect them. Between them, these factors limiting the size of the thrush population effectively place an upper limit on the number of thrushes that can live in this area. This upper limit on the size of a population that the environment can sustain is known as the carrying capacity of the habitat. You could imagine what might happen if some thrushes were introduced into an area where there had previously been none. Like the bacteria in the flask, their population
How Scientist Think Scientist use reasoning when examining the world. Deductive reasoning is the process of using general priciples to explain individual observations. Inductive reasoning is the process of using specific observation to formulate general principles The Scientific Process Joseph Farman, who first reported the ozone hole, is practicing science, and what he was doing in Antartica was science. Science is a particular way of investigating the world, of forming general rules about why things happen by observing particular situation. Scientis like Farman is an observer, some one who looks at the world in order to understand how it works. How Science Is Done Doing Observation and writing observation result, Make a Question or a problem Construct a hypotesis Hypotesis is a proposition that might be true Making Prediction Testing a hypothesis with an experiment Looking for experiment and writing experiment result Forming conclusion Observation Gap between hope and fact The key to any succesful scientific investigation is careful observation Farman and other scientists had studied the skies over the Antartic for many years, noting a thousand details about temperatur, ligt, and levels of chemicals. Had these scientist not kept careful records of what they observed. Farman might not have
Mitosis and meiosis (215.77 MB)
I. Cell Growth and Reproduction An impossibly large cell Figure 1 This giant amoeba, Pelomyxa, is several millimeters in diameter. It can have up to 1000 nuclei. Figure 3 In preparation for mitosis, most of the time spent in the cell cycle is in interphase. The process of mitosis, represented here by the yellow wedge, is shown in detail in Figure 4 Sister chromatids Centromere II. Control of the Cell Cycle
Tugas Pembuatan Makalah jaringan dan organ (63.45 KB)
Tugas Pembuatan Makalah Bagilah anggota kelas menjadi 4 kelompok. Kelompok 1 Membuat makalah tentang struktur dan fungsi jaringan pada hewan. Pada makalah harus terkandung: a. macam-macam jaringan pada hewan b. penjelasan /deskripsi dan gambar masing- masing jaringan hewan c. fungsi masing-masing jaringan Kelompok 2 Membuat makalah tentang struktur dan fungsi jaringan pada tumbuhan. Pada makalah harus terkandung: a. macam-macam jaringan pada tumbuhan b. penjelasan /deskripsi dan gambar masing- masing jaringan tumbuhan c. fungsi masing-masing tumbuhan Kelompok 3 Membuat makalah tentang struktur dan fungsi organ pada hewan. Pada makalah harus terkandung: a. macam-macam organ pada hewan b. penjelasan /deskripsi dan gambar masing- masing organ pada hewan c. fungsi masing-masing organ Kelompok 4 Membuat makalah tentang struktur dan fungsi organ pada tumbuhan. Pada makalah harus terkandung: a. macam-macam organ pada tumbuhan b. penjelasan /deskripsi dan gambar masing- masing organ pada tumbuhan c. fungsi masing-masing organ tumbuhan